Snowman Pallet Decor

I love pallet art/decor. I see it all over Pinterest. I had a friend bring me a stack {yes, I said a STACK} of pallets they were about to throw away at his job. Some of them were in bad shape to I couldn’t accomplish all the ideas I’d seen but I came up with another one just in time for Christmas that will last all winter long; and hopefully I can bring out again next year.

Pallet Snowman Decor


  • 1 wooden pallet
  • 1 old cheap plastic tablecloth {will be used as a dropcloth}
  • white acrylic paint
  • black acrylic paint
  • assortment of other acrylic paint colors
    {I used yellow, black, red, blue, pink, & purple}
  • cheap paper plates to pour paint onto
  • assorted paintbrush(es) {if you’re talented you can use just one}
  • tape {I used blue painter’s tape}
  • adorable helpers {optional but make the project much more fun}


  • wash & lightly sand pallet
  • cover your table with the plastic tablecloth and tape in place to there’s no sliding
    {you could always to this outdoors but it was late & cold when we did ours}
  • paint every other slat {or in my case the only ones still on there} white
  • LET DRY {acrylic paint usually soaks into and dries on raw wood pretty fast}
  • place tape to mark wear you’d like you snowmen’s hats
  • paint each hat the desired color {some colors may require several coats of paint}
  • using a circle sponge paint brush, design you “coal” buttons and faces
  • using an angled paint brush, design your “carrot” noses
  • Add embellishments like actual scarfs, glasses, etc OR paint those on as well {I technically left mine plain and simple}
  • remove all tape
  • Place on your porch
  • OPTIONAL: add a stray on or other type of clear coat to weather proof your snowmen
    Let drop cloth dry completely before folding it up, if you want to use it again

Surprisingly these little guys will bring warmth to our porch for family and friends over the next few months.

I challenge you to up-cycle something this season & come back to share it with us in the comment section! 



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