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paperless organization

One of  our contributors, Mystie Winckler, has written a fabulous E-Book, Paperless Home Organization: A How-to Guide to Creating a Digital Homemaking Binder.

Like Mystie, I have made binder after binder for home management. They look cute and sure do take up a ton of time getting them “just so”. I seem to use them for a month or so (sometimes less) and then they are forgotten. Another drawback is being in town, without said binder, running into a friend, wondering if I am available on a certain day and having no clue. Being able to access my home management binder, recipes, etc from anywhere is a huge draw for me!

Until I read Mystie’s book, I was unaware of Evernote and Remember The Milk. (If you’re like me previously, they are wonderful apps that work on both your computer and mobile devices!). I am still in the newbie stage of learning how they work, but so far I am totally impressed!

WOW! Is all can say! This year, I want to be more intentional and organized. Mystie has done all of the work and laid it out very neatly. All of her shortcuts, tips, and suggestions are listed. I could have found these apps on my own, and, in the case of the Google Calendar, had done so. However, I was not using it to its fullest potential. Following Mystie’s suggestions, I am now more on top of things and much better organized. Mystie shares not only the how-to, but examples.

Whether you are a single person, stay-at-home Mama, work-away-from-home Mama, blogger, homeschooler, or any combination thereof, GET THIS E-BOOK! It will revolutionize your life, truly. I have read many organizational books. I have tried many organizational techniques. I finally feel like I’ve settled upon a system that will work for me, not against me.  

I just can’t say enough good things about this E-Book! There is such a wealth of information shared that I will be re-reading this one a few times to take it all in. But, in true Mystie style, it’s easy to read and understand.

Today only, you can grab this E-Book for only $1.99! I know, it’s nuts to think you can get your life organized for such a low cost! But, that price is valid today only, 1/14. After today, the price goes up to $2.99, for the rest of the month. After January 31st, it will go up to its regular price of $7.99. Don’t waste time. Get started today. And save some money to boot!

One lucky Homemakers Challenge reader will win their very own copy! Enter below!

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Growing up, Laurie’s dream was to become a wife and Mama. That dream came true over 24 years ago when she became the wife of Toby, her Honey. Thankfully, Laurie’s dream to become a Mama has also been fulfilled as they have been blessed with 5 children, aged 22 down to 12, with one already with Jesus. They have always been a homeschooling, homesteading family, and love being together. Currently, they reside in Tennessee on a small (very small) grass-finished beef farm, where they also are joined by 5 Miniature Dachshunds, 3 ducks, and 25 chickens.

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    • Laurie says

      I’m sorry you are having difficulty with the entry form. Please try again and let me know if you are successful.

      Thank you for visiting Homemakers Challenge!

  1. Gretchen says

    got it to work now…lol

    having to remember to pull the notebook out from my hiding place… (so the terror children don’t get into it)

  2. says

    My biggest struggle with organization is that I have no place to put anything. I have one bedroom of the house I live in with my mother and that house and that bedroom needs to be my bedroom, office, yarn storage, etc. Finding a place to put papers is challenging.

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