Chocolate Mint: Good for much more than tea!

Guest post from Jeri Lynn Repp

I absolutely love a one time purchase that can be used extensively and can be multiplied to last for years. Yes! That is right. Purchase once…Use over and over and over in many different ways…and, it will last for YEARS!

Chocolate Mint: Good for more than just hot herbal tea!

Chocolate mint has been one of those treasured purchases for me. I have discovered many practical uses for this plant, so I use it abundantly. Not only is Chocolate Mint easy to grow, it is hard to kill. It is an herbal plant, but NO GREEN THUMB is required. I promise!

Chocolate Mint growing happily amid the roses at the entrance to my vegetable garden.

Five or six years ago I stumbled upon a Chocolate Mint plant while browsing the herb section at a local nursery. Intrigued by the name, I purchased a small 4 inch pot for about $2.00. My purchase was made in springtime, and by early summer I had more than an abundance of Chocolate Mint!





Fill tea cup to half with leaves.

Chocolate Mint makes the best fresh herbal tea ever! Just clip enough leaves to half fill your cup. Pour in boiling water, and steep for at least five minutes. Spoon out the leaves and sip the most amazingly refreshing tea!




Hot Chocolate Mint Tea! My all time favorite, AND it grows right in my backyard!

Want a little more creamy and chocolatey flavor? Just add a couple of tablespoons of chocolate soy milk. This is my all time favorite! I call it “hot chocolate mint tea.” Delicious! (And if you crave chocolate, this will give you a healthful and low-calorie fix.)





There is something so satisfying about clipping the tea right from my backyard, no grocery store or market required! And, I never run out! An easily accessed and inexhaustible supply of hot herbal tea is not nearly the only reason I love this gem of a plant.

Chocolate Mint can be used for so much more than hot  herbal tea. Chocolate mint gives a boost of flavor when added to iced tea. Left protruding from the glass, it adds a bit of flair. It also looks great in dinner plates as an edible garnishment.

Added to an after dinner green salad, Chocolate Mint makes an interesting palate cleanse that will actually aid in food digestion. Dare I say? When eaten regularly, it can even eliminate or greatly diminish the foul smell of some naturally occurring gaseous body odors. Ladies, this can be extremely beneficial… if like me, you live with a house full of males. Yes, I will personally testify to the truth of this claim! I hide it in salads for this very reason. Shhhh, let this be our little secret.

Mint in my Petunia Pot as a backyard insect repellant.

Mint plants, including my cherished Chocolate Mint, have been said to repel flies, flees, mosquitoes, mice, rats, and ants. Because of this I keep a pot of mint by my swing growing right along with my lavender and purple petunias. I also grow some by my chicken coop. Since I have recently placed a couple of pots on my back patio, there has been a notable decrease in mosquitos there.




Because chocolate mint multiplies easily, it is a great plant for gifting. Have a tea loving friend? Pot one of the runners, and share the tea! Having a tea party? Once your plant is established, you can plant enough Chocolate Mint starters for all your guests! For added charm, plant them in a re-loved tea-pot or tea-cup. Your guests will be delighted.

Be sure to plant your Chocolate Mint in a container. Otherwise, this plant will send out runners, and you will have Chocolate Mint everywhere! Most of my supply is in a raised bed about 2 feet by 3 feet. Here in Louisiana, mine dies back (but not completely) in the winter, and grows amply again in spring. Colder climates may need to overwinter in containers indoors.

It is true. All of the benefits I listed above have come from that original $2.oo investment. I have been using that same plant extensively since my purchase! I have multiplied it for friends. It has even survived my family’s move to a new home. I think I have gotten my money’s worth.

I hope I have inspired you to invest in a Chocolate Mint plant. This has only been one of my treasured plants with the ability to multiply for years. Stop by again soon, because later this week I will share with you a couple other cherished gems that I multiply for decorating and for cooking. Until then, I would love to hear your thoughts!





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  1. Christina says

    Love this article! So many useful ideas for chocolate mint…now I just hope I can find the plant. I live in Florida and could probably grow it year round and gardening is one of my favorite past times. We also have plenty of mosquitos to try and repel! I can relate to your sneaking it in the salad…hehe…as I also have two boys and a husband. Thanks for the great tips…can’t wait to find the plant and give them a try!

    • Jeri Repp says

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article Christina. I do think that your climate will be able to grow Mint year round. Though I have found other varieties of Mint in the plant section of Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot…I have only seen Chocolate Mint at plant nurseries and recently at Whole Foods with their outdoor herbs. Even if your local plant nurseries don’t carry Chocolate Mint, they should be able get it on special request. Happy Gardening!

  2. Meredithek says

    Love this! I got some chocolate mint from Craigslist earlier this spring & can’t wait to try the cocoa-tea. thank you for posting.

  3. says

    I’m sad to admit I mostly only use my chocolate mint as cuttings with flowers or to dry for bath teas. I’m going to make some tea out of it today! It sounds delicious!

    • Jeri Repp says

      Wow Joanne! I have never thought of Chocolate Mint as cuttings with my flowers…or dried for bath teas.!. I will have to try your uses as well. Thanks so much for taking the time to share :)

    • Jeri Repp says

      Hi Anne, I have also tried peppermint, and it was pretty good. I do prefer the dark stems and rich flavor of Chocolate Mint. There are other varieties that I would like to try, like apple mint and pineapple mint. As soon as I prepare a spot for them in my garden, I will venture into other varieties. I hope you enjoy the Chocolate Mint!

  4. Carri says

    Today I went looking and found a chocolate mint plant and bought it. I also noticed there are apple mint and orange mint plants. Have you tried growing and using these varities. I was tempted but thought I should just go with the chocolate right now!

    • Jeri Repp says

      Hi Carri, I hope you enjoy the Chocolate Mint plant! I have not tried the apple or orange mint just yet. I am curious about the fruity varieties as well, they could possibly make an interesting tea.?. I hope to try them soon…as soon as I create a spot for them to live in my yard.

  5. Shelly says

    I love my chocolate mint plant. I’ve only had it a couple months but it’s fast growing. I put cuttings into water and they rooted in less than 2 weeks. My favorite use so far is adding the leaves to my coffee just like I would for tea! Way better than that thin mint creamer and healthier too!

    • Laurie Bostwick says

      What a great idea! I’m not a coffee fan, but my daughters love it. I’ll tell them to give this a try!
      Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment! :)

  6. says

    I just brought home my first chocolate mint plant. My son picked it out because of it’s amazing smell. I plan to try out the tea recipe soon but did you have to let the plant establish a little before clipping from it?

    • Laurie Bostwick says

      I would let it get established for a bit before clipping, yes.
      Please let me know if you enjoy the tea!

  7. Heather Denuto says

    I just picked up a chocolate mint plant and “googled it” to see if there are recipes for this specific variety. I am happy to have found this article, and look forward to the little plant’s growth. I already grow spearmint and peppermint plants, and add a few torn leaves to my kids’ water bottles that they take when playing sports. They love it and say the mint makes their water extra refreshing on a hot day! I also enjoy it in water with some thin cucumber slices. Delicious and detoxifying! Thank you for posting your article.

    • Laurie Bostwick says

      Heather, I’m so glad you found our article and that it was helpful! What a great idea to add spearmint and peppermint to your kids’ water bottles! I’m going to use that one myself!

  8. Larry Lewis says

    June 8. A few years ago I planted chocolate mint in a confined place. This year it’s finally breaking out, and by 2016 I’m expecting it to begin invading the yard. In this little western Missouri county seat town, at least two people have talked to me about chocolate mint. They intentionally let it grow in with the grass because when the mower hits the mint, these people say a heavenly mint odor rises from the lawn.

    • Laurie Bostwick says

      It does smell good when mowed. Though it will also take over, if given the chance.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  9. says

    This spring, I was given a few runners of chocolate mint, and replanted them in a large container. I decided to find out how to make tea, and stumbled on your post. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Meshia says

    Loved the article. My chocolate mint is bountiful! We just enjoyed a larger dinner salad w/Mixed greens, grilled chicken cooked with fresh pineapple sage, swiss/mozzarella blend, eggs, vine tomatoes, strawberries, garnished w/ fresh chocolate mint & lime! Dressing & additional toppings of choice! This was freaking awesome! #Healthy #Garden #dinner

  11. Roberta says

    Love the chocolate mint. I have been growing it for some time now and use it for tea. You can add it to salads. Also as a spice for pork roast and beef . I think the pork roast is better. You can also use it for making homemade Ice cream. There are recipes on line in placec like epicurious.

  12. Kathy says

    Glad I came across this on pinterest! Never heard of chocolate mint. Now I’m anxious to go buy some! I’m new at this so I feel good that you say it’s hard to kill. Thank you so much for posting!

  13. marion says

    I use it as a sleeping aide. Soms nights when I wake and can’t get back to sleep, I make chocolate mint tea. It seems to be helping me!!

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