• A Child’s Christmas Fear Relieved
  • Homemaker’s Goals for the New Year
  • Tree Training {with Lots of Littles}
  • Quick & Easy – Christmas Meal Hacks
  • Setting a positive tone in your home

Stress-Free Christmas Cookies freebie for subscribers!

Stress-Free Christmas Cookies ~ Successful Homemakers

My daughter, Natalie, and I have been hard at work preparing our very first freebie for you!

The Christmas season is filled with good food, good times, and good fun. It’s also filled with planning, shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, and decorating. One area that can be stressful is in getting all of those yummy cookies baked and ready to enjoy.

In this freebie, I share my tips on preparing various types of cookie dough ahead of time. I also share 8 of our family’s favorite Christmas cookie recipes.

My job in this e-book was to make the dough, prepare it for the freezer, and write the copy. Natalie’s job (and the harder one, in my opinion!) was to take photos, and edit them into cute graphics for you to enjoy. Together, we’ve created an e-book that we’re pretty proud to share!

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A child's Christmas fear relieved ~ Successful Homemakers

A Child’s Christmas Fear Relieved

Looking back on some of my fondest Christmas memories, I have much to be thankful for. A loving family, gifts, abundance of food, and so much more. There is not one Christmas that I can recall that I didn’t have each of those wonderful blessings. When we get together with all of our extended family,…

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Homemaker's Goals for the New Year ~ Successful Homemakers

Homemaker’s Goals for the New Year

Ladies, we’re in December. DECEMBER! Goodness, this year has flown! With 2015 right around the corner, we’re all thinking about goals. Homemaker’s Goals for the New Year: Starting in 2015, I’m revamping a lot of things in my life, including some of my day-to-day homemaking tasks. From making the bed first thing in the morning,…

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Tips for Tree Training with Lots of Littles on Successful Homemakers

Tree Training {with Lots of Littles}

My husband and I LOVE the Christmas season. The magical allure of the the whimsical along with one of the most important things we could possibly be celebrating as Christians.   Decorating for fall and Christmas is a must! Now that we have littles {lots of them}, its even more fun to watch the tinkle…

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Quick & Easy Christmas Meal Hacks ~ Successful Homemakers

Quick & Easy – Christmas Meal Hacks

How are you feeling about the holidays? Are you starting to feel a little harried and stressed and wishing it was over? If you are, I have a few tips to help make cooking on Christmas quick and easy. Quick & Easy – Christmas Meal Hacks 1. Dinner in a box. Many large grocery stores…

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Setting a positive tone in your home ~Successful Homemakers

Setting a positive tone in your home

Setting a positive tone in our homes is our responsibility as wives and Mamas. While I don’t think the saying “If Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.” gives us license to be rude or demanding, it is true. Our attitudes influence our husband and children greatly. Life can be stressful, but we don’t have to be…

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the Reason this Season ~ Successful Homemakers

How I Am Refocusing On the Reason this Season

  I remember being a little girl and feeling that magical Christmas feeling- the blend of cold air, freshly baked cookies, church service with candles, and the coming gifts. Those were the good old days when I was worry-free. As an adult, Christmas has brought stress, a constant feeling of rush, tight finances, and if…

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4 simple ways to save money ~ Successful Homemakers

4 simple ways to save money

Saving money and being frugal is most folks’ minds these days. Learning how to stretch those dollars just as far as we can is important. It’s why we make our own laundry detergent, menu plan, use hand-me-downs, and so much more. There are many ways to save money, and we try here at Successful Homemakers to…

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How to Make a Family Thankful Tree from Successful Homemakers

Family thankful tree

I think teaching my kids what the word thankful means is so important. Not just this time of year, but in general. Helping them see all they have, making them aware of their blessings, and teaching them the vocabulary that is what thankful means. I want them to understand the emotion and sentiment behind it….

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loaded potato oyster stew

Loaded Potato Oyster Stew

Well the weather out there is frightful . . . but this oyster stew’s delightful! This really is one of the best – all time – feel good – yummy – comfort foods. It will warm you up and soothe you with the rich delicious creaminess – and it has cheese and bacon. So, what…

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9 Tips to a Well Planned Thanksgiving from Successful Homemakers

Tips To A Well Planned Thanksgiving

I adore Thanksgiving! It has always been one of my favorite holidays. But with a busy holiday comes lots of prep work. Even the most organized person can get a bit overwhelmed with planning Thanksgiving dinner. We all know it’s never just the dinner! There’s grocery shopping to do (most of us don’t eat Thanksgiving…

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Quick & Easy Gratitude Journals ~ Successful Homemakers

Quick & Easy Gratitude Journals

  Thanksgiving can be a rough time for many women. Stress around gearing up for the busy holiday season on top of your normal to do list can be enough to send one over the edge.  Add the Norman Rockwell image of a  “perfect” family, and it’s enough to make you throw up your hands…

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pie pumpkins

Three Handy Tools for Pie Pumpkins

Fall means pumpkins! Or it could mean apples, but for the purpose of this post we will focus on pumpkins. Now that the temptation to carve pumpkins has passed, now we face a new temptation–baking our own pie pumpkins for pies! Every now and then I get the urge to be uber domestic and make…

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