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Tasty Burger Making At Home

Tasty Burger Making At Home

Going out to eat is a treat. It’s a rare treat due to the cost of taking our family of six out to indulge.
One food we like to indulge in is a good burger. Not just a burger, a GOOD burger.

We have beef from our own grass-fed and finished cows. That makes a supreme burger, in our opinion, but a good 90/10 hamburger is the next best choice. Truly, find a local farmer who raises cows the way God designed them to be raised . . . not filled with corn and other such foods that they were not designed to digest. This makes for a healthier cow and a much healthier burger!

I tend to make our burger patties rather large. We don’t care for wimpy food around here. ;)

Hand patting your burger patties is a simple process. Just take a ball of hamburger and flatten it to a thick, round burger shape. If you put a tiny indent in the center, it will allow your burger to cook flat and not raised up in the center.

Prior to getting our new stove, I cooked our burgers mostly on our Cuisinart Griddler. It is a handy kitchen tool, and one I heartily recommend! I’ve had this one for 6 years and it’s still going strong. You truly do get what you pay for. I make burgers on the flat top grates, but you might prefer the grill plates if your hamburger is not as lean as what I use. Totally up to you!

I only use salt and pepper on our burgers as we want to taste the hamburger, not a lot of spices. But, certainly season those burgers however you so desire!

Cook on one side until the sides start to turn brown. This will ensure only flipping your burgers once, more than that will result in a dry burger. Cook on the second side until done. Resist the temptation to press down on the burger patty as it cooks. Doing so presses the juices out of the burger. This will also result in a dry burger. Add cheese if desired, and who could not desire that??! :)

I typically make homemade burger buns, but bakery buns work well too. Just don’t choose those white wasp bread things. A nice burger deserves a nice bun. 

Cut the buns in half and spread with butter. Then toast under the broiler. This little trick makes the difference between a bun that will add to your burger and one that will detract from it. Trust me, don’t skip this step.

Assemble your burger with your choice of condiments and toppings. Everyone of us in this family likes our burger a little different. For me, a burger needs mayo, mustard, ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles. ;)

Tasty Burger Making At Home

Enjoy! Goes great with Homemade French Fries or onion rings (I’m still perfecting a low carb onion ring recipe, I’ll share that once I’ve figured it out!)


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