6 Tips to help keep your Master Bedroom Tidy and Organized

6 Tips to help keep your master bedroom tidy and organized

I consider our master bedroom sort of like our sanctuary. I try my best to keep it as put together as possible, at all times. Over the years I’ve found myself getting into a routine which has helped keep our master bedroom tidy and organized.

1. Make the bed. This may seem like an insignificant task, but I’ve found it’s a make-it-or-break-it task to keeping our master bedroom put together. Once the bed is made, tackling other tasks will be easier. Plus, I find on those days that I just don’t feel like cleaning – having the bed made inspires me to tidy up the rest of the room if I haven’t already the night before.

2. Don’t let your master bedroom become a catch-all for those homeless items floating around your home. Somehow, all those items make it to our master bedroom (or the kitchen table). And before I know it – I have piles of random items in corners of our bedroom, or on top of night tables.

The key to keeping this clutter out of the master bedroom is storing these items in tucked away places like:

  • the closet
  • a container that slides easily under the bed
  • the garage (preferably tucked inside a bin to prevent damage)
  • the attic
  • or in the basement.

3. Don’t leave shoes laying around. I’ll often sit at my desk, or leave my shoes tucked under the bed. But shoe clutter can add up quickly, so I’m getting into the habit of taking my shoes off in the closet or taking then straight there after I take them off. If you don’t have a shoe rack just line them up in your closet.

4. Empty the wastebasket. I have a small wastebasket in our room close to my desk area. It helps keep paper clutter from accumulating. If at the end of the day it isn’t full, it still gets emptied out!

5. Keep night tables clutter free. Try to think minimalistic when it comes to night stands. A lamp, a book, and maybe a wonderfully scented candle is sufficient. Once you start piling things on that night stand, it’s time to upgrade to a bookshelf. Keep it simple.

6. Tame the mess at night. Before we head to bed I like to tidy up the master bed room (as much as my energy will allow). This usually consists of putting my desk area back together, making sure shoes are in the closet, hanging up any clothing that needs to be hung up, and getting the bathroom back in order. On average this takes about 10 minutes. But the reward of waking up to a room that only needs the bed to be made is totally worth it.

What are some of your tips on keeping your master bedroom tidy and organized?

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